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Item # 701

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103 Pages
20 Chapters

Dr. Scott & Carolyn Buss

"Heart Throb" - Releasing the Musical and Artistic Potential within God's People

Table of Contents:
  • Heart Throb
  • Encourage One Another
  • Chip Off the Old Block
  • Talent Versus Ability and Environment
  • Destiny, Gifts, and Callings
  • Music Communicates
  • Bridging the Musical Generational Gap
  • Music: Sacred, Secular, or Satanic
  • Practical Musical Enjoyment, Environment, and Training
  • Included in the Chapter above are sections covering: Baby in the Womb; Infant; First through Eight Grade; High School; Young Adult; Married Years; Parenthood; Single Parents; Grandparents; Teachers; Mother's and Father's Heart; Pastors, Music Directors, Worship Leaders, Youth and Children's Church Leaders.
  • Author's Personal Music Journey
  • Providing a Music and Worship Training Ground Within at the Home, Church, and School
  • Priorities and Schedules
  • Order in the Music Camp
  • Practical Purposes of Music and Worship
  • The Discipline, Death, and Resurrection of a Gift
  • The Anointing
  • Ministry Versus Performance
  • Martyr, Quitter, or Champion
  • Passing on the Baton
  • A Surprise Awaits in Argentina

Section on Testimonies as well.



Item # 702

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152 Pages
14 Chapters

Dr. Carolyn Buss

"Moms, How Are You Doing?"
A Ministry of encouragement to moms and their children, whether natural, spiritual, adoptive, or single.

Chapter Headings:

  • You
  • No Time
  • "Normal Motherhood"
  • Sound the Alarm
  • Godly Priorities
  • Biblical Goals
  • Dealing With Guilt
  • Forgiveness: Receiving It & Giving It
  • How To Be a Better Mom
  • A Tribute To Mothers
  • My Prayer For Moms Everywhere
  • A Letter From Mrs. Lee Toal
  • Carolyn's Testimony
  • In Closing

Part of the Introduction Reads:

Dear Moms, If you are a perfect mother and never had had any questions, shortcomings, fatigue, burdens, concerns, or failures, then this inspirational book is not for you. I am writing to the mothers of all ages (including mothers-to-be) who need a little encouragement along their journey, and who are not ashamed or too proud to admit it!...... You will discover that this book has to do with YOU! Allow yourself the inner fulfillment of personal ministry as you read it. May you be honored and commended for your hard work over the years, and may you be comforted, healed, encouraged, strengthen and inspired to complete your journey as a mom.


Item # 717

Reg. Price $11.99

Online Price $9.99

135 Pages
17 Chapters

Leon Carter Price
ISBN 158169038-X

"Prophesy to these Bones"
Balancing the Spirit and the Word in the Prophetic Church. These Bones Can Live! Ezekiel 37:4

Chapter Headings:

  • Meeting the requirements of the high calling
  • What's going on?
  • The reality of God's prophetic voice
  • The function of the prophet
  • Applied prophecy today
  • The mystery of "how"
  • Hearing from God
  • Preparation of vessels
  • The purpose of spiritual gifts
  • Examples of prophetic ministry
  • Requirements of righteousness
  • Practical practices
  • Faith to function
  • Judging prophecy
  • Implementation of the prophetic function
  • Other views / Who and What
  • Utilizing the gift




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